From the recording Two-Egg Scrambler (2013)

(music and lyrics by Chris Gleason)

Chris Gleason: lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Lucy Martinez: harmony vocal
Bruce Bartone: electric guitar (right channel)
Shamus Feeney: bass guitar,
electric guitar (left channel)
Paul Stewart: electric piano
Donovan Edelstein: Drums 


You tend to fret / about your high-class dinner guests / You'd rather let the wolves in / than risk a wet tuxedo / A cigar butt / in a china cup / Whiskey bottle with a / missing screw top / Safety pins and hangers on the floor / A glimpse of you rushing out the door / And when you’re gone / I wait for you to come back home / It's true / no matter how screwed / It all comes together in you / In you / Every word is polarized / Your lips read something different than what’s written in your eyes / You gather friends / like yard-sale odds and ends / like Grandma's VCR / a Japanese lawsuit guitar / Unopened letters on the floor / phone bills and parking tickets / in a kitchen drawer / But when you’re gone / I wait for you to come back home / It's true / those payments due / they come together in you / When you want them to / In you / when you want them to / You listen to Skip James / and Tom Verlaine / You love 'em both but you'll never see 'em / on the bill together / Kurt Cobain /Sidney Bechet / Ain't no way the two of them could / share the same stage / But Richard Nixon couldn't have had soul / Without that Shakey combo / of country and rock and roll / So Gram and Emmylou / might sing a song by Husker Du / It's true / no matter how crude / they might come together in / you / If you really want them to / In you / If you want them to /In you / You could make ‘em / You could make ‘em / You

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