Sado-Domestics is the singing-songwriting partnership of Lucy Martinez (Lucy and the Dreamers) and Chris Gleason (Los Goutos, Noise Floor Delirium). 

Two-Egg Scrambler is an album composed of 15 original compositions drawing upon a range of musical styles and influences (folk, rock, country, punk, blues, bluegrass) and utilizing a range of acoustic and electric instruments. 

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“All the best elements of grassroots, folk, Americana, country, acoustic meld beautifully in the music that Sado-Domestics creates…I feel a genuineness emanating from the songs and a uniqueness among the comfort and familiarity of these genres.”

Debbie Catalano, The Noise-Boston


"I can't say whether these folks are as badly housebroken as the band name implies, but I sure can recommend you invite them to your musical table."

Rob Weir, Off-Center Views

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