Sado-Domestics is the singing-songwriting partnership of Boston-based multi-instrumentalists Chris Gleason (Los Goutos, Noise Floor Delirium) and Lucy Martinez (Lucy and the Dreamers). Their music is an acoustic-leaning blend of folk, roots, and rock music, with an emphasis on vocal harmonies and original songwriting.

The live band currently features Alt-Country pioneer Jimmy Ryan (Blood Oranges, Wooden Leg, Hayride) on mandolin, Eric Royer (The Resophonics, Sacred Shakers, Royer Family Band, etc.) on pedal steel, and Jim Gray (The Smack Dabs) on upright bass.
Beach Day in Black and White is the third Sado-Domestics album from Gleason-Martinez, following Hey,Oaxaca (2020) and Two-Egg Scrambler (2013). The duo has also collaborated on two albums from side-project Noise Floor Delirium: Still Around (2017) and Life Street Closed (2022).

Genre:  Americana / Indie-Folk-Rock / Roots-Rock / Singer-Songwriter

Left to Right: Jim Gray, Jimmy Ryan, Eric Royer, Chris Gleason, Lucy Martinez

"Sado-Domestics are practically a dictionary definition of Americana music. There’s a blend of folk and country music underpinning the sound, the song-driven mentality you’d expect from singer-songwriters, an overall jangly, chuggin’-along sound that typically accompanies a mellow-to-moderate pace but with the ability to amp things up like a rocker, an obviously irreverent streak, and the propensity to feature disquieting musical and lyrical vibes just often enough to keep the listener uncomfortable at times and engaged throughout." -Geoff Wilbur (February 15, 2024)

“Sado Domestics have outdone themselves on this sophomore album Hey, Oaxaca. The talents of the two singer-songwriters, Gleason and Martinez, combine with mando man Jimmy Ryan, keyboardist Bruce Bartone, drummer Jeff Alison, and bass player Jeff St. Pierre to create a gem of originality. Recorded mostly at Noise Floor Delirium in Roslindale, Massachusetts with some additional work at 37 Foot Productions in Rockland, Massachusetts, this Sado Domestics disc rocks out with all sorts of special touches.”  -Bill Copeland Music News

Two-Egg Scrambler (2013) is an album composed of 15 original compositions drawing upon a range of musical styles and influences (folk, rock, country, punk, blues, bluegrass) and utilizing a range of acoustic and electric instruments. 

“All the best elements of grassroots, folk, Americana, country, acoustic meld beautifully in the music that Sado-Domestics creates…I feel a genuineness emanating from the songs and a uniqueness among the comfort and familiarity of these genres.”

Debbie Catalano, The Noise-Boston


"I can't say whether these folks are as badly housebroken as the band name implies, but I sure can recommend you invite them to your musical table."

Rob Weir, Off-Center Views

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