1. The Moon

From the recording Two-Egg Scrambler (2013)

(music and lyrics by Lucy Martinez)

Lucy Martinez: lead and harmony vocals,
acoustic guitar
Chris Gleason: tenor banjo
Bruce Bartone: electric guitar, bass guitar
Donovan Edelstein: drums


The moon is full I can't deny
That look is clearly in your eyes
but I'm not there
no I'm not there

Love is like a bird it seems
It comes and goes
When'er it pleases
But I'm not there
No I'm not there

You, you, you, you are a dreamer
I see it in your eyes
But I'm an in betweener
I always find a place to hide

I'm walking backwards
When all I want to do is fly
Come on, come on, come on
Don't do this
It will only bring sadness and lies

The moon is full I can't deny
I see that look is in your eyes
and I'm right there

© 2013 Torito en la Jaula Music (ASCAP)