1. Weeds

From the recording Two-Egg Scrambler

(music and lyrics by Lucy Martinez)

Lucy Martinez: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
Chris Gleason: tenor banjo
Jenn Goldson: harmony vocal
Bruce Bartone: electric guitar
Jakub Trasak: fiddle


Cast me in the water
Reel me back in
You don't really want to see
the effect this has on me
You're in your little corner
and I'm well hidden
Beneath the reeds and muddy leaves
I'm glistening
Mmm mm mm mm
But time will change me once again
And I'll glide down the ravine
Where love is lost below the ground
Where weeds are smiling
The cattails are collecting sun
Bending in the breeze
Beneath the dirt and garbage strewn
They live there easily
And I'm waiting for your sun to shine
Make me whole again
There's love that lasts forever
Under sand and silt gleaming
It beckons me to wake you up
This all was just a dream
And we're watching the world being born
Tiny little seeds

© 2013 Torito en la Jaula Music (ASCAP)