1. Bury It

Bury It (3:09)
Music & Lyrics by Lucille Maria Bocchiaro
Torito en la Jaula Music (ASCAP)
Lucy Martinez: Vocals, Guitar
Chris Gleason: Tenor Banjo, Electric Guitar, Rubber Bridge Guitar, Organ, Bass, Percussion
©2023 Sado-Domestics


What am I supposed to do now?
I bury it all deep, deep down
This makes no sense to me
Supposed to be buried in the ground by now

But you keep coming back
I gotta figure it out
A puzzle in my head
I need some kind of relief

Get me out of this town
Put me in your bed
I know that won’t solve a thing
You can try to explain it

The wound heals over
My imagination
Telling stories that don’t belong to me

Go and give it to her
Take the easy way out
I’m floating in the water
I let my own self down

Let go of the wheel now
Spinning round and round
Your chord keeps pulling my legs
Trying to keep me down

Like it can be saved
Everyone has to lose to gain
They say the doors will swing open
Here we go again