Sado-Domestics is a project centered upon the singing-songwriting partnership of Lucy Martinez (Lucy and the Dreamers) and Chris Gleason (Los Goutos). 

Two-Egg Scrambler is an album composed of 15 original compositions drawing upon a range of musical styles and influences (folk, rock, country, punk, blues, bluegrass), utilizing a range of acoustic and electric instruments, and featuring performances by Bruce Bartone (guitar, bass guitar, organ, Mellotron), Jakub Trasak (fiddle), Donovan Edelstein and Ed Emerson (drums), Shamus Feeney (bass guitar, electric guitar, resophonic guitar), Paul Stewart (piano, accordion), Keith Asack (piano, 8-bit baritone crusher), Jenn Goldson (harmony vocals and bass), Chris Gleason (lead and harmony vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, tenor banjo, lap steel guitar, bass, percussion), and Lucy Martinez (lead and harmony vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, and tenor banjo).

Two-Egg Scrambler is now available for download via iTunesAmazon, and the Music and Store pages of our own website.  Physical CDs (which include a full-color eco-wallet and 16-page booklet with photos, lyrics, and credits) can be purchased at Sado-Domestics shows and via CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sadodomestics

Although digital downloads are available on iTunes and Amazon for .99 a track and $9.99 (for the complete 15-song album), you pay only $9.00 when you download it directly from the music page here at www.sadodomestics.com (and we get a much bigger cut of the sale!).

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by
Keith Asack
Keep the Edge Studios,
Quincy, MA

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Keith Asack at Keep the Edge Studios, Quincy, MA

Two egg scrambler gatefold cover 2

BNN-TV (live taping)

BNN-TV, Roslindale, MA

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15-track album available for download via iTunes and Amazon for $9.99, but only $9.00 when you download it directly from the music page at www.sadodomestics.com!
Two egg scrambler booklet back cover

Very nice review of our CD, TWO-EGG SCRAMBLER, from The Noise 



Two-Egg Scrambler

15 tracks

All the best elements of grassroots, folk, Americana, country, acoustic meld beautifully in the music that Sado-Domestics creates. Of the 15 tracks, some lean more to one genre than another but the lovely common denominator lies within the harmonization of the strings—fiddle stings, banjo strumming, upright bass, guitar, mandolin, etc.—it’s like a roots symphony—Oh, except for the surprise punk tracks at the end! Not to ignore the other wonderful musical accompaniments that appear throughout as for their respective tunes they add the perfect flavor—accordion, drums/ doumbek, Hammond organ, etc. I don’t mean to tick off a list here but I’m trying to get across how well Sado-Domestics produce and perform their music, how just perfectly they arrange each tune. I feel a genuineness emanating from the songs and a uniqueness among the comfort and familiarity of these genres. I must mention that Sado-Domestics are led by the singer-songwriter duo Lucy Martinez and Chris Gleason—with the songs either sung lead by one or the other or are presented as a vocal duo. It’s a top-notch effort along with the supporting musicians. They are a South Shore-based band that sounds like a seasoned nationally touring band. I’m impressed and glad that this CD landed in my hands! I particularly love “Dragonfly,” “River,” “Waiting,” and “Tainted Windows.”
(Debbie Catalano)

Two-Egg Scrambler Album Review by The Alternate Root 

Our new album, Two-Egg Scrambler, was recently reviewed by The Alternate Root. You can read the review here:

"The album title works but a Two-Egg Scrambler is not big enough to offer space to all the sound styles that Sado-Domestics had packed for the album. The static waves clear when the band dials in album opener “Mule in a Swamp”. The tune is a kitchen sink of percussion, scratchy fiddle, plucked banjo and slowly creeping bass notes. The notes swirl like swamp mist giving the joined vocals of Chris Gleason and Lucy Martinez as haunted feel. Mood and music share the song cycles throughout Two Egg Scrambler. Bookending the street corner jumble of the opening track is the arena-sized electric attack of Stooges-like “Bull in a Cage”. Bordering the album sound with extremes allows for lots of room for Sado-Domestics to dance a slow reel (“Lady in Blue”), drift with fresh air folk (“Weeds”) and tame acoustic rhythm and psychedelic electric feedback into form (“Waiting”).  The hurried folk telling of Hollywood history of with “Dahlia”, the telegraphed tapped notes and rhythms that circle “The Moon” like satellites, the front porch breeze that lifts up “Dragonfly” and he sunshine folk-rock simple promises of “Together in You” all fit into the Sado-Domestic jukebox of Two-Egg Scrambler."

The CDs have arrived! 

CDs of Two-Egg Scrambler were delivered by UPS yesterday afternoon!  Copies will be available at shows, and via CD Baby.  We'll soon be adding a CD Baby Widget to our music page.  


Grammy Nominations for Neko Case, Mavis Staples, and Jeff Tweedy 

Several of our favorite artists just got nominated for Grammys:  Neko Case's new album, The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You new album has been nominated for Best Alternative Music Album. Mavis Staples' album (produced by Jeff Tweedy) has been nominated for Best Americana album, and Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco) has been nominated as Producer of the Year!

Neko Case, in gorilla suit, NPR Tiny Desk Concert:

Mavis Staples, "I Like the Things About Me" (produced by Jeff Tweedy):

CD Listening Party 

Please join us at Keep The Edge Studios on Sunday, January 5 from 2:00 to 6:00 PM for a joint- celebration of the release of the Sado-Domestics' album TWO-EGG SCRAMBLER and the anniversary of Keep the Edge Studios.  The event will begin at 2:00 PM with a CD Listening Party.  Sado-Domestics will perform live in the studio at 3:00 PM.  Food and beverages will be served.

Speaking of CD listening parties, here's one of our favorites.  Check out Tom Waits' Private Listening Party promo for Bad as Me: